THE hand that lies upon your brow,

And fondly clasps your own;

The smiles that greet you gently now,

The voice of kindly tone;

The patient heart, eager to please,

To soothe away your tears—

Dear childhood! You will think of these

In after years!

The fairy-land of youthful joy

Soon vanishes from sight,

And time will many a dream destroy

That dazzles with delight!

What can replace a mother's kiss—

The love that hushed your fears?

Ah, Childhood! You will think of this

In after years!

Ambition's proud and fiery race

May win the heart awhile;

We never can forget one face,

One pure and hallowed smile!

God grant we may not, while we rove,

Look back, 'mid blinding tears,

Upon a mother's slighted love—

In after years!



George Cooper