Who Will Be There?

THEN our earthly life is done, 

When our onward race is run, 

When all worldly hopes and pleasures 

Perish with its hoarded treasures, 

Shall we meet beyond the portal 

Of the heavenly kingdom fair? 

Shall we greet our friends immortal, 

Glorified and happy there? 

Shall we meet?

Will life's frail and rocking boat, 

That will hardly keep afloat 

On time's ever-shifting water, 

Reach the home of Him that bought nor! 

Shall we, shall we ever enter 

The fair haven of that shore, 

Where ne'er comes the chill of winter, 

And the dwellers sin no more? 

Shall we gain Heaven?

Of our dearest friends below, 

Who've been called from earth to go, 

Who, oh! Who will be in Heaven 

When the crown of life is given? 

When the fair immortals, meeting 

Round the vernal tree of life, 

Each exchange a heavenly greeting, 

Free from woe, and pain, and strife, 

Oh! Who will be there?