How like music o'er the waters,

How like sunshine on the sea, 

How like morning's brightest day-beam, 

Comes a kindly word to me!

When my life-cares make me weary, 

When my soul is racked with pain,

Lo! A word of kindness greets me! 

And my heart grows glad again.

Oh, this life is full of sunshine 

Full of sunshine every day, 

And unless we watch for shadows,

They fall not athwart our way.

And this world were almost Heaven

Could we every blessing see; 

But we're waiting, ever waiting

For some blessing yet to be.

Bright, how bright would be earth's pathways,

And how like the world above, 

Were our words all words of kindness,

And our deeds all deeds of love!

Ladies' Repository.


LITTLE moments make an hour;

Little thoughts a book; 

Little seeds a tree, a flower;

Water-drops a brook. 

Little deeds of faith and love 

Fruit shall bear in Heaven above.