SOFTLY the night is sleeping 

On Bethlehem's peaceful hill; 

Silent the shepherds' watching, 

The gentle flocks are still. 

But hark the wondrous music 

Falls from the opening sky; 

Valley and cliff re-echo 

Glory to God on high! 


Glory to God, glory to God, 

Glory to God! It rings again, 

Peace on earth, good will to men. 

Day in the East is breaking; 

Day o'er the crimsoned earth; 

Now the glad world is waking, 

Glad in the Saviour's birth! 

See where the clear star bendeth 

Over the manger blest: 

See, where the infant Jesus 

Smiles upon Mary's breast! 

Come with the gladsome shepherds, 

Quick hastening from the fold; 

Come with the wise men, pouring 

Incense and myrrh and gold. 

Come to Him, poor and lowly, 

Around the cradle throng; 

Come with your hearts of sunshine, 

And sing the angels' song. 

Weave ye the wreaths unfading, 

The fir-tree and the pine; 

Green from the snows of winter, 

To deck the holy shrine; 

Bring ye the happy children! 

For this is Christmas morn; 

Jesus, the sinless infant, 

Jesus, the Lord, is horne.