"COME unto me all ye that labor 

and are heavy laden; 

and I will give you rest." 

Matthew 11:28.

Come, '"O the Saviour's arms

Are now extended wide!

O leave earth's fleeting charms,

And hasten to his side.

Think how he groaned and cried,

While hanging on the tree:

Think, how he bled and died,

To purchase life for thee!

Think, how he lives above,

For thee to intercede;

Come, taste his pardoning love,

Ere he shall cease to plead.

Come, for the darkening sky

Proclaims his anger near;

Then, though you bitter cry,

He's said, "I will not hear."

Come, for the Saviour waits

To clasp thee to his breast;

He'll open the heavenly gates,

And give the wanderer rest.

Come, walk the narrow path,

With those who love the Lord;

Then you may escape his wrath,

And share their rich reward.

WM. H. Graham.