CALL to Me the little children,

And forbid them not to come;

For of such as these my kingdom,

They are with me in my home.

I would bless them ere my Father

Calls me to his realms above;

Teach you by this act to trust me,

E'en with childhood's perfect love.

These my lambs, Oh gently lead them

Safe into my Father's fold;

They to me are richer treasure,

Than the silver or the gold.

Teach their little hearts to love me!

Guide their tender feet aright!

By their faith, your own shall prove me,

Lead you upward to the light.

They are pure and sweet and holy,

Keep them ever by your side;

So shall you grow like unto them,

Like the Saviour, crucified.

Hand in hand and close together,

Over life's tempestuous sea

Till at last my pearls I gather

They and you are safe with me.

L. C. N.