Be Happy

THE world is not a vale of tears, 

a wilderness of woe,

Unless, by wicked discontent, 

we choose to make it so;

For, though we meet the hurricane, 

the chilling frosts, and snow,

As surely ours the balmy breeze 

and sunshine's ruddy glow.

We may the slightest censure heed, 

while deaf to love that warns,

Forget the rose's fragrant bloom 

in keen research for thorns;

And every grief that time may bring 

fast to our hearts may bind,

And banish thoughts that fain would bring relief and peace of mind.

There's sorrow, grief, and suffering, here, and misery', heaving sigh;

There's wrong in every human heart; 

we'll find it, if we try;

But were it not still better far 

of charity to make

A mantle for these frailties all, 

for love and mercy's sake

Should we permit despair and gloom 

our happiness to shroud,

And while the bright empyrean glows, 

still walk beneath a cloud?

Or should we wiser strive to catch, 

with upward-gazing eye.

The rainbow tints of hope and love 

which paint the glowing sky?

Dear Jesus, loving Saviour, help, 

that we may look to thee,

That thine own life so pure and good 

may our example be;

Then shall our footsteps ever tend 

to that bright world ON high,

Where peace and happiness will dwell, 

and pleasures never die.


Battle Creak, Michigan