When my boy, with eager questions, 

Asking how, and where, and when, 

Taxes all my store of wisdom,

Asking o'er and o'er again 

Questions oft to which the answers

Give to others still the key, 

I have said, to teach him patience, 

"Wait, my little boy, and see."

And the words I taught my darling,

Taught to me a lesson sweet; 

Once when all the world seemed darkened,

And the storm about me beat, 

In the "children's room" I heard him,

With a child's sweet mimicry, 

To the baby brother's questions,

Saying wisely, "Wait and see."

Like an angel's tender chiding

Came the darling's words to me, 

Though my Father's ways were bidden,

Bidding me to wait and see. 

What are we but restless children,

Ever asking what shall be? 

And the Father, in his wisdom,

Gently bids us,  "wait and see."