Grace Impart

 "Father, whate'er of earthly bliss

Thy sovereign will denies, 

Accepted at thy throne of grace,

Let this petition rise:

Give  me a calm,  a thankful  heart,

From every murmur free; 

The blessings of thy grace impart,

And let me live to thee."


The  Lost  Lamb;

0 LORD,  our  Shepherd,  deign to keep 

Thy little lambs,  thy feeble sheep, 

And when  our feet would go  astray, 

Uphold and guide us in thy way.

Our Shepherd, Jesus, kindly gave 

His precious life,  the flock to save: 

Oh!  may we  hear and know his voice, 

And in  his love  alone rejoice.

When faint and trembling with  alarms, 

Oh!  gather us within  thine  arms: 

Kind Shepherd, on thy gracious breast, 

The weakest lamb may safely rest.

Lead us to pastures rich and  green, 

Where thy free bounties most  are seen  

There may thy gentle waters roll, 

To  cheer and save the fainting soul.

Thus blessed, though we should walk the  vale 

Where death's deep shadows will prevail, 

We shall our Heavenly Shepherd see, 

His rod and staff our comfort be.

THERE  was  a  little  lamb  

that  lived  in  a very 

beautiful green field,

Where flowers blow, 

And streams flow.