Beauty In Little Things

THE greatest bird of England roams

To cull the lowliest flowers, 

And prettiest mosses find warm homes

Upon the tops of towers.

The broad sunflower, though rimmed with gold,

Ne'er wins true poets' praises, 

But sweetest songs that fond hearts hold

Are perfumed by the daisies. 



A MINUTE, how soon it has flown 

And yet, how important it is! 

God calls every moment his own,

For all our existence is his;

And though we may waste them in folly and play, 

He notices each that we squander away.

'T is easy to squander our years

In idleness, folly, and strife;

But, oh! No repentance or tears

Can bring back one moment of life! 

But time, if well spent, and improved as it goes, 

Will render life pleasant, and peaceful its close