The Union Band

0 yes, I'll join the union band, 

My heart's already there; 

And travel with them to that land, 

Forever bright and fair.


0 hail! hail! hail! 

I come to join the-union band, 

0 hall! hail! hail! 

I'm on my journey home.

 I'm tired of sin and sinful mirth,

And senseless frantic joys;

How empty all the things of earth!

At best but gaudy toys.


  I'll join the band whose hearts are one,

In grief, and joy, and love;

Whose hopes mount up and sieze the throne,

Reserved for them above.


  They freely weep with those who weep,

And joy with those who joy;

A common fund of love they keep,

Which yields them sigh for sigh.


0, yes, I'll join the union band,

I come, my friends, I come;

Here is my willing heart and hand,

To travel with you home.


  'Tis here my better friends I meet,

Friends of my heart and soul;

With them in heavenly places sit,

With them my name enroll.


  There, in the register of love,

Forever let it stand,

Until transcribed to that above,

By Christ's own wounded hand.