The Cross Of Christ

Says Jesus, 


The cross I present LET him cheerfully take;

I've borne one for HIM let him bear one for me

And I'll ne'er DENY him, though all else forsake

Should he choose for HIMSELF, he would often choose wrong

For the cross hung with flowers, AND alluring to sight

Will raise none who TAKE it but tend to bring it down

While mine will lift UP to the mansions of light

I'm waiting to walk by HIS side, and will cheer

And lift, when the CROSS seems to heavy to bear

I'll strengthen him DAILY and make light appear

Above the dark cloud, AND my peace he shall share

But then he must Follow as I lead the way 

Must drink my cup with ME though bitter as gall

And while he endures the baptism must say

Thy will and not mine, be accomplished in all. 

(Luke 9:23.)

“Let Him deny himself, and take up his cross daily, and follow me.”  Luke 9:23