Lord Of The Isles

"The shores of Mull on the eastward lay, 

And Ulva dark, and Colonsay, 

And all the groups of islets gay 

That guard famed Staffa round. 

Then all unknown its columns rose, 

Where dark and undisturbed repose 

The cormorant had found, 

And the shy seal had quiet home, 

And welter'd in that wondrous dome, 

Where, as to shame the temples deck'd 

By skill of earthly architect, 

Nature herself, it seem'd, would raise 

A Minster to her Maker's praise! 

Not for a meaner use ascend 

Her columns, or her arches bend; 

Nor of a theme less solemn tells 

That mighty surge that ebbs and swells, 

And still between each awful pause 

From the high vault an answer draws, 

In varied tone prolong'd and high, 

That mocks the organ's melody."