HOW swiftly the glittering brook runs by, 

Pursuing its busy career, 

Reflecting the beams of the cheerful sun, 

In waters transparent and clear; 

Kissing the reeds and the lowly flowers; 

Refreshing the roots of the trees; 

Happy all summer to ripple a song, 

In winter too busy to freeze.' 

Onward it glides, whether sunshine or storm 

Await on its vigorous way, 

And prattles of hope and sustaining love, 

Whether bright or cloudy the day. 

Chill Winter around may his torpor fling, 

And on lazier waters seize; 

But the nimble brook is too much for him, 

Being far too busy to freeze. 

May we, like the brook, in our path through life, 

As active and steady pursue 

The course in which real utility lies— 

Which is lovely and useful, too; 

Still nourish the needy, refresh the sad, 

And, despising indulgent ease, 

Adorn life's current with generous work, 

With love that's too busy to freeze!