O, mamma, do come here, I beg!

See what some naughty boys have done;

They've found the sparrows' nest of eggs,

And they have broken every one.

They built right in this shady nook,

Close by my window-ledge, you see;

And every morning, when I'd look,

The father-bird would sing for me.

I saw them when they first began

To build the nest, one warm, bright day;

And when I to the window ran,

At first it frightened them away.

But afterward, I came so still

It scarcely frightened them a bit;

I'd lean across the window-sill,

And they would hop right on to it.

And when the twigs and moss were laid,

I threw them down a lock of hair;

See what a pretty stripe it made,

Just like a sunbeam lying there.

When next I looked into the nest,

Five cunning little eggs I found.

Here's one still in it, and the rest,

You see, are scattered on the ground.

She sat upon them hour by hour,

While he sat swinging on a bough.

This climbing rose-bush formed her bower,

But that is also broken now.

I used to feed them from my hand,

But now they look with frightened eyes,

As if they could not understand;

Just hear, how pitiful their cries!

What sorrow fills each tiny breast!

What terror trembles in each wing!

Who could have spoiled their pretty nest,

And done this cruel, wicked thing?

I know that God will not be pleased

To have them rob a poor bird's nest,

Because he made them, and I'm sure

That he who made them loves them best.

The Bible says that from above

He looks, and notes each sparrow's fall;

Then if he thus his creatures loves,

We should not harm them, great or small.