THE blustry wind had called them all; 

The birds arrived, the large, the small. 

The owl, of course, was chosen judge; 

He stared around, but didn't budge.

The robins, jays, and meadowlarks 

Got up to make a few remarks; 

They said the time had come to go, 

Red leaves and gold flew to and fro.

The sparrows then grew spiteful quite, 

They thought it much too soon for flight; 

The bluebirds longed for bluer skies, 

The wren thought this was very wise.

The blackbirds said their time was up 

The berries gone, where should they sup? 

The catbirds said they quite agreed, 

'Twas time the warning they should heed.

The owl this question put: "Say 'Ay,' 

Those who intend away to fly!" 

All but the sparrows vote to go; 

These chirp a most decided" No!"

"'T is carried," said the owl;" adieu!" 

The birds cry, "Now for skies of blue."

"Go! " chirped the sparrows, "why this fuss? 

Our home is good enough for us!"

 George Cooper.