Baptism Of A Young Believer.

IN the calm and holy autumn,

Stood we by the riverside;

And our songs of praise were mingled

With the murmuring of the tide.

One who early in life's morning,

Jesus' love and power had known.

Bringing light where all was darkness,

Waited there his name to own.

Nine years since, beside her cradle,

Her anxious mother knelt and prayed,

That she might, a lamb of Jesus,

Safely in his arms be laid.

Thus she gave her to the Saviour,

Meekly left her to his care;

Thus the babe was consecrated

To the Lord, by faith and prayer.

Now she stood a young believer.

Following him who died to save,

Buried with her Lord in baptism,

Holy emblem of his grave.

As she rose, a light from heaven

Seemed to shine upon her face;

And her trembling soul was strengthened

By the Holy Spirit's grace.