The Little Girl’s Good Morning

"0! I AM so happy!" 

the little girl said,

As she sprang like a lark 

from her low trundle-bed.

"'Tis morning, bright morning 

Good morning, Papa!

0 give me one kiss 

for good morning, Mamma,

Only just look at my pretty canary,

Chirping his sweet 

good morning to Mary.

"The sunshine is peeping straight into my eyes;

Good morning to you, 

Mr. Sun; for you rise

Early to wake up my birdie and me,

And make us as happy 

as happy can be!"

"Happy you may be, 

my dear little girl,

(And the mother stroked 

softly a clustering curl);

Happy as can be, 

yet think of the One

Who wakened this morning 

both you and the sun."

The little girl turned 

her bright eyes with a nod;


may I say good morning to God?"

"Yes, little darling one, 

surely you may

Kneel as you do 

every morning to pray."

Mary knelt solemnly down, 

with her eyes

Looking up earnestly 

into the skies;

Her two little hands 

which were folded together,

Softly she laid on the lap 

of her mother.

"Good morning, 

dear Father in heaven," she said,

"I thank thee for watching 

my snug little bed,

For taking good care of me 

all the long night,

And waking me up 

with the beautiful light.

0, keep me from naughtiness 

all the long day,

Blest Jesus, 

who taught little children to pray."

An angel looked down 

through the sunshine and smiled,

But she saw not the angel 

that beautiful child.