Child’s Morning Prayer

GLADLY now I ope my eyes 

And from my little bed arise; 

I thank thee, Lord, I've sweetly slept, 

And through the night been safely kept; 

From thoughts and actions wrong, this day 

O keep, dear Lord, thy child, I pray; 

And as I older grow, 

Teach me thy will to know. Amen.

CHERISH kindly feelings, children,

Nurse them in your heart; 

Don't forget to take them with you

When from home you start. 

In the schoolroom, in the parlor,

At your work or play, 

Kindly thoughts and kindly feelings

Cherish every day.


LITTLE children have a mission,

And there's work for each to do; 

Little hands can help the mother,

Little hearts be brave and true. 

Idle hands are oft in mischief,

Selfish hearts are not at rest; 

Do your work to bless another,

And your work shall make you blest.


"Where bears and wolves, no longer wild,

Obey the leading of a child; 

Where lions with the oxen eat,

And dust shall be the serpent's meat.