And was my Saviour once a child, 

A little child like me? 

And was he humble, meek, and mild,

As little ones should be? 

Oh! Why did not the Son of God

Come as an angel bright? 

And why not leave his fair abode

To come with power and might?

Because he came not then to reign

As Sovereign here below; 

He came to save our souls from sin,

Whence all our sorrows flow. 

And did the Son of God Most High

Consent a man to be? 

And did that blessed Saviour die

For sinners such as we?

And did my Saviour freely give

His life for sinful men? 

What! Did he die that we might live?

Oh, how he loved us then! 

Oh, may I serve and worship him,

And keep his just commands! 

And may I ever try to be

One of his little lambs!