ONLY a seed; but it chanced to fall 

In a little cleft of a city wall, 

And taking root, grew bravely up 

Till a tiny blossom crowned its top.

Only a flower; but it chanced that day 

That a burdened heart passed by the way; 

And the message that through the flower was sent, 

Brought the weary soul a sweet content.

For it spake of the lilies so gaily clad, 

And the vexed heart grew strangely glad 

At the thought of a tender care, over all, 

That noted even a sparrow's fall.

Only a thought, but the work it wrought 

Can never by tongue or pen be taught; 

For it ran through a life, like a thread of gold, 

And the life bore fruit a hundred-fold.

Only a word; but 'twas spoken in love, 

With a whispered prayer to the Lord above: 

And the angels in Heaven rejoiced once more; 

For a new-born soul entered in by "the Door.”