Silent and slow the snow came down

Covering the earth and tree and town

All night long—‘twas a lovely sight

When sun rose clear and bright


And the rays from his radiant face

Shot out across the quiet place 

They came to my window glancing in

Under the icicle lambrequin;


O, The picture they painted there

Human skill never made so fair

There were fern leaves traced by fairy hands

And Palms and shrubs from foreign lands


A forest up on the mountain side

And stately oaks in all their pride

A water fall of frozen foam

A shy young hare that had lost its home


Long pine needles here and there

And bits of crystal everywhere

The sleeping town awoke at length

But the sun was up in all its strength


And the picture on the window pane

Had faded never to come again

A little bird on the window sill

Chirruped a while, and then was still


The village life was soon begun

Where it had stopped at set of sun.