Leave It With Him

YES, leave it with Him;

The lilies all do,

And they grow,

They grow in the rain,

And they grow in the dew —

Yes, they grow.

They grow in the darkness, all hid in the night,

They grow in the sunshine, revealed by the light;

Still they grow.

They ask not your planting,

They need not your care

As they grow;

Dropped down in the valley,

The field, anywhere,

There they grow.

They grow in their beauty,


arrayed in pure white,

They grow, clothed in glory by heaven's own light,

Sweetly grow.

The grasses are clothed,

And the ravens are fed,

From his store;

But you who are loved

And guarded and led,

How much more

Will He clothe you and feed you and give you his care!

Then leave it with Him; He has, everywhere,

Ample store.

Yes, leave it with Him;

'Tis more dear to His heart,

You will know,

Than the lilies that bloom,

Or the flowers that start

'Neath the snow.

Whatever you need, if you ask it in prayer,

You can leave it with Him, for you are His care,

You, you know.