Desire For Home.

JESUS, I come to thee,

Thou art my guide;

Keep me from evil free,

Close by thy side.

I would not longer roam,

In sinful ways;

I long for that dear home,

In paradise.

This world to me looks drear,

I still should pine,

Though for my portion here,

All things were mine.

There is a better land,

Where all is pure;

Those joys at God's right hand,

I would secure.

My friends and kindred are

The blood-washed throng;

I would their victories share,

And join their song.

Lord, for this end prepare

My longing soul;

A crown of life to wear,

In that blest goal. 

A. M. L.

New Haven, N. Y.,

 June 1st, 1859.