MAY! Welcome May, blooming and bright, 

Coming to bring us beauty and light. 

May! Rosy May, tender and soft, 

Hanging green banners in garlands aloft. 

May! Blushing May, fair as the dawn, 

Weaving soft carpets for meadow and lawn. 

May! Sunny May, calling the flowers, 

Spring-birds and dewdrops, sunlight and showers. 

May! Golden May, treasures complete 

Fond Mother Nature has laid at her feet. 

May! Scented May, balmy each room, 

Fragrant with apple buds bursting in bloom. 

May! Pearly May, peach blossoms too 

Lend us their fragrance, dripping with dew. 

May! Laughing May, pleasant to see; 

Clothing with delicate garments each tree.