SAID the corn to the lilies, 

"Press not near my feet; 

You are only idlers, 

Neither corn nor wheat, 

Does one earn a living 

Just by being sweet?" 

Naught answered the lilies, 

Neither yea nor nay,

Only they grew sweeter 

All the livelong day, 

And at last the Teacher 

Chanced to come that way. 

While his tired disciples 

Rested at his feet, 

And the proud corn rustled, 

Bidding them to eat, 

"Children," said the Teacher, 

"The life is more than meat. 

"Consider the lilies, • 

How beautiful they grow! 

Never king had such glory, 

Yet no toil they know." 

Oh, happy were the lilies 

That He loved them so. 

Sunday Afternoon.