FOR pleasure or pain, for weal or for woe 

'T is the law of our being we reap what we sow. 

We may try to avoid them may do what we will- 

But our acts, like our shadows, will follow us still.

The world is a wonderful chemist, be sure, 

And detects in a moment the base or the pure. 

We may boast of our claim to genius or birth, 

But the world takes a man for just what he's worth.

We start in the race for fortune or fame, 

And then, when we fall, the world bears the blame;

But nine times in ten, it is plain to be seen, 

There's a "screw somewhere loose" in the human machine.

Are you wearied and worn in this hard, earthly strife?

Do you yearn for affection to sweeten your life? 

Remember, this great truth has often been proved; 

We must make ourselves lovable, would we be loved.

Though life may appear as a desolate track, 

Yet the bread that we cast on the waters comes back.

This law was enacted by Nature above, 

That like attracts like, and love begets love.

We make ourselves heroes and martyrs for gold, 

Till health becomes broken, and youth becomes old;

Ah! Did we the same for a beautiful love, 

Our lives might be music for angels above!

We reap what we sow. Oh! Wonderful truth! 

A truth hard to learn in the days of our youth. 

But it shines out at last, "as the hand on the wall," 

For the world has its "debit" and "credit" for all.