DID you ever well consider,

As you journey on life's way,

Of the vast results dependent

On the things you do and say?

Have you ever learned the magic

Treasured in one little word,

Fitly spoken, wisely chosen,

How it into being stirred?

And a soul, almost desponding,

New, fresh inspiration caught,

Grasped anew life's heavy burden,

By your bright example taught?

How a cold and icy nature,

Like a northern wintry blast,

Brings a blight where might be blossom;

Heaven's own blue is overcast?

Possibilities of greatness

May be crushed by ruthless hand?

Every aspiration withered,

Ere it ventures to expand?

And the grandeur of a life-time

May be smothered in its bloom,

For the lack of proper culture

And a genial, sunny home?

Then, don't call these trifling matters,

These small, everyday affairs;

Words will eat as doth a canker,

Life, at least, has many cares;

All our actions, words, and manners,

With great results are rife,

For in each a soul is hindered

Or advanced in higher life.


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