HEAR what? My child," the mother said,

As by the hand her boy she led 

Along the city's bustling street, 

Amid the crowds of active feet.

"Those boys, mamma, who by us came, 

Said, said, It was the Saviour's name, 

I cannot think why they should say 

Those holy words in such a way.

"I cannot think that it is He 

Of whom you read so much to me 

Who came to earth a little child, 

And afterward on children smiled.

"He made the poor blind man to see, 

And healed the sick in Galilee, 

And fed the poor, mamma, you know 

How could those boys treat Jesus so?

"If they had seen the cross of wood, 

And by the side of Jesus stood, 

And known to die for them he came, 

They would have loved his blessed name."

"My boy, my boy! I trust no word 

From your sweet lips will ere be heard 

Against the One who came to bring 

Us life and joy, our Saviour King."