The Selfish Baby

Please, baby," says young Rover, 

 "One little bite for me; 

The cake is such a big one,

And full as it can be 

Of plums that would taste splendid 

To such a dog, you see."

"No, no," says selfish baby, 

"This cake is very nice, 

I cannot let you have a bit

Of it at any price.

My mamma knows how much I need, 

She gave me all the slice."

"Then eat it," says wise Rover, 

"I know 'twill make you sick, 

And I shall be revenged on you

In that way, very quick; 

For too much cake will punish you 

As surely as a stick.

"And baby, you will learn at last,

What all learn soon or late, 

That only sad unhappiness

On selfishness can wait; 

For kindly angels never come

To children through that gate."