Mary's Choice.

"Mary hath chosen that good part, 

which shall not be taken

away from her." 

LUKE 10:42. 

OH! what a high and humble seat,

It was to sit at Jesus' feet;

And learn those words of truth and love,

He brought to us from heaven above.

But Martha seeks with anxious care

Her Master's supper to prepare;

Weary, she pleads, almost with grief,

That Mary come to her relief.

But Martha's trouble and her care

Which she did wish Mary to share,

Was not as pleasing to the Lord

As meekly learning of his Word.

The blessed part which Mary chose,

No power on earth should make her lose;

She treasured up his words so sweet,

While meekly sitting at his feet.

Oh, could we learn as Mary did,

Feed on the word as Mary fed,

Rich might we be in heavenly lore,

Of all the graces have a store.

Ah, well, our Lord has left his word,

Written by holy men inspired,

A beacon light o'er all the way,

That leads to heaven and perfect day.

O, let me choose that better part,

And have His teachings in my heart;

For well I know He overcome,

And now will guide his followers home.

Markasan, Wis.