Your House

Be true to yourself at the start, young man,

Be true to yourself and God; 

Ere you build your house, mark well the spot, 

Test well the ground, and build you not 

On the sand or the shaking sod.

Dig, dig the foundation deep, young man,

Plant firmly the outer wall; 

Let the props be strong and the roof be high, 

Like an open turret toward the sky,

Through which heavenly dews may fall.

Build slow and sure: 'tis for life, young man 

A life that outlives the breath; 

For who shall gainsay the holy word? 

"Their works do follow them," saith the Lord, 

"Therein there is no death."

Build deep, and high, and broad, young man.

As the needful case demands; 

Let your title-deeds be clear and bright, 

Till you enter your claim to the Lord of light

For the "House not made with hands."

Packard's Monthly