TWO children talking by the way,

  One questioned of the other, 

"Whom do you tell your troubles to, 

Now that you have no mother? "

"My mother's friend is mine, you know;

She said before she died,

I must to her Lord Jesus go,"

The orphan child replied.

"Oh, Jesus lives up in the sky!

He has so much to do, 

He couldn't stop his work in Heaven 

To look and care for you."

"About his work I do not know;

But he has said he'd see, 

And listen when I speak to him; 

And that's enough for me."

Oh, blessed childhood, keeping true

A mother's precepts sweet, 

Our wearied, orphaned hearts would fain

The precious faith repeat, 

Would say in all the troubled days,

And through life's mystery,

"He says he'll listen when I speak,

And that's enough for me."