EZK. 26:3-5, 14,17.

In thought I saw the palace domes of Tyre, 

The gorgeous treasures of her merchandise; 

All her proud people in their brave attire,

Throngiug her streets for sport or sacrifice.

I saw her precious stones and spieeries, 

The singing girl with flower-wreathed instrument,

And slaves whose beauty asked a monarch's price. 

Forth from all lands all nations to her went, 

And kings to her on embassy were sent.

I saw, with gilded prow and silken sail, 

Her ships that of the sea had government.

O gallant ships, 'gainst you what might prevail? 

She stood upon her rock, and in her pride 

Of strength and beauty, waste and woe defied.

I looked again. I saw a lonely shore,

A rock amid the waters, and a waste 

Of trackless sand; I heard the bleak sea's roar,

And winds that rose and fell with gusty haste.

There was one scathed tree, by storms defaced, 

Round which the sea-birds wheeled with screaming cry;

Erelong came on a traveler, slowly paced; 

Now east, now west, he turned with curious eye, 

Like one perplexed with an uncertainty.

Awhile he looked upon the sea, and then 

Upon a book, as if it might supply

The thing he lacked. He read and gazed again, 

Yet as if unbelief so on him wrought 

He might not deem this shore the shore he sought.

Again I saw him come. 'T was eventide;

The sun shone on the rock amid the sea; 

The winds were hushed; the quiet billows sighed

With a low swell; the birds winged silently

Their evening flight around the scathed tree; 

The fisher safely put into the bay,

And pushed his boat ashore; then gathered he  

His nets, and hastening up the rocky way, 

Spread them to catch the sun's warm evening ray.

I saw that stranger's eye gaze on the scene; 

"And this was Tyre," said he; "how has decay

Within her palaces a despot been. 

Ruin and silence in her courts have met, 

And on the city rock the fisher spreads his net."