SPRING day! Happy day!

God hath made the earth so gay!

Every little flower: he waketh,

Every herb to grow he maketh.

When the pretty lambs are springing,

When the little, birds are singing,

Child, forget not God to praise,

Who hath sent such happy days.




Summer day! Sultry day!

Hotly burns the noontide ray;

Gentle drops of summer showers

Fall on thirsty trees and flowers;

On the cornfield rain doth pour,

Ripening grain for winter store.

Child, to God thy thanks' should be,

Who in summer thinks of thee.




Autumn day! Fruitful day!

See what God hath given away!

Orchard trees with fruit are bending,

Harvest wains are homeward wending,

And the Lord o'er all the land

Opens wide his bounteous hand.

Children, gathering fruits that fall,

Think of God, who gives them all.




Winter day! Frosty day!

God a cloak on all doth lay;

On the earth the snow he sheddeth,

O'er the lamb a fleece he spreadeth,

Gives the bird a coat of feather

To protect it from the weather,

Gives the children home and food—

Let us praise him—God is good!