Little By Little

"LITTLE by little," the torrent said,

As it swept along in its narrow bed,

Chafing in wrath and pride;

"Little by little, and day by day,"

And with every wave it bore away

A grain of sand from the banks which lay

Like granite walls on either side.

It came again, and the rushing tide

Covered the valley far and wide,

For the mighty banks were gone;

"Little by little, and day by day,"

A grain at a time they were swept away,

And now the fields and meadows lay

Under the waves, for the work was done.

"Little by little," the tempter said,

As a dark and cunning snare he spread

For the young, unwary feet

"Little by little, and day by day,

I will tempt the careless soul astray

Into the broad and flowery way,

Until the ruin is made complete."

"Little by little," sure and slow,

We fashion our future of bliss or woe,

As the present passes away.

Our feet are climbing the pathway bright,

Up to the region of endless light,

Or gliding downward into the night,

"Little by little, and day by day."