Sunbeam Love

A DARLING little infant

Was playing on the floor, 

When suddenly a sunbeam

Came through the open door, 

And, striking on the carpet,

It made a little dot; 

The darling baby saw it,

And crept up to the spot.

His little face was beaming

With a world of perfect joy, 

As if an angel's presence

Had filled the little boy; 

And with his tiny finger,

As in a fairy dream, 

He touched the dot of sunshine,

And followed up the beam.

He looked up to his mother

To share his infant bliss; 

Then stooped, and gave the sunbeam

A pure, sweet baby kiss. 

O Lord, our Heavenly Father!

In the fullness of my joy, 

I pray that child-like feeling

May never leave the boy;

But in the days of trial,

When sin allures the youth, 

Send out the light to guide him 

'The sunbeams of thy truth; 

And may his heart be ever

To thee an open door, 

Through which thy truth, as sunbeams,

Make joy upon life's floor!

The Children's Prize.