EARY June, bright, smiling, radiant,

Cycling time's unceasing sway

Brings again thy blithesome advent

In the track of gentle May.

Hail we now thy joyous entrance,

Princess royal of the year,

With thy train of gay attendants

Thou art once more welcome here.

Kingcups lift their heads in greeting,

Kingcups spurn the emerald shrine,

Flower-starred borders blush at meeting

Glance so warm and sweet as thine.

Woodland foliage dense is growing,

Meadows dress in deeper green,

Brooklets linger in their flowing

'Neath thy sunlight's brighter sheen.

By what glories we're surrounded

In this beauteous world below!

Only power and love unbounded

Could such varied gifts bestow.

Let us, while in contemplation

Of this loveliness of earth,

Raise our hearts in adoration

To the God that gave it birth.


Battle Creek, Michigan,.