The Christian’s Home.

There is beauty, there is beauty,

In the Christian's home on high.

And the splendor of that city,

Doth all human skill out vie.

There is music, there is music,

Where the saints and angels sing;

And their songs of joy and gladness

Make the heavenly arches ring.

There is glory, there is glory,

Round the radiant throne of God;

And those only will behold it,

Who are washed in Jesus' blood.

There'll be shouting, there'll be shouting,

When the ransomed millions meet,

And dear friends, by death long parted.

Shall in heaven each other greet.

O their crowns, how bright they sparkle!

All beset with diamonds fair;

And unspotted are the garments,

That the saints immortal wear.

Where the tree of life is blooming,

Where the crystal waters rise.

There's my home, and there's my treasure,

In the fields of Paradise.