GOODNIGHT! The sun is setting,

"Goodnight!" the robins sing, 

The blue-eyed dolls and blue-eyed girls

Should soon be following. 

Come I lay the Lady Geraldine

Among the pillows white; 

‘Tis time the little mother kissed

Her sleepy doll, goodnight.

And, Willie, put the cart away,

And drive into the shed 

The pony and the mulley cow;

'Tis time to go to bed. 

For, listen, in the lilac tree

The robin does not sing; 

"Goodnight!" he sang, and tucked his head

Beneath his weary wing.

Soon all the world will go to rest,

And all the sky grow dim; 

God "giveth his beloved sleep,"

So we must trust in him. 

The Lord is in the shadow,

And the Lord is in the light, 

To guard his little ones from harm;

Goodnight, dear hearts, goodnight!