The Child Coming To Jesus

SUFFER me to come to Jesus;

Mother dear, forbid me not:

By his blood from sin he frees us,

Makes us fair without a spot.

Suffer me, my earthly father,

At his pierced feet to fall:

Why forbid me? help me, rather;

Jesus is my all in all.

Suffer me to run unto him;

Gentle sisters, come with me:

0 that, all I love but knew him,

Then my home a heaven would be.

Loving playmates, gay and smiling,

Bid me not forsake the cross;

Hard to hear is your reviling,

Yet for Jesus all is dross.

Yes, though all the world has chide me,

Father, mother, sister, friend;

Jesus never will forbid me,

Jesus loves me to the end.

Gentle Shepherd, on thy shoulder

Carry me, a sinful lamb;

Give me faith, and make me bolder,

Till with thee in heaven I am.

M. Cheyne.