TURN from earth's broken cisterns, 

The thirsting soul they mock; 

Seek thou the living waters 

'Neath the shadow of the rock.

Go thou in life's glad morning, 

Ere its sunny hours have flown,

Hear the voice of the Heavenly Shepherd, 

And be numbered with his own.

Little by little, the work is done, 

Step by step, may the race be run;

Ne'er for earth's glitter thy footsteps stay, 

Onward and upward press thy way.

Earth is fading, life is fleeting, 

But a brighter land's in sight,

Where the good, with happy greeting, 

Friendship's broken ties unite.

With thy hand in Christ's, press onward 

Till the journey of life is o'er;

After its struggle, resting 

Will be sweet on the other shore.