HEIGH-HO! Daisies and buttercups,  

Fair yellow daffodils, stately and tall! 

When the wind wakes, how they rock in the grasses, 

And dance with the cuckoo-buds slender and small! 

Here's two bonny boys, and here's mother's own lassie, 

Eager to gather them all.' 

Heigh-ho! Daisies and buttercups! 

Mother shall thread them a daisy chain; 

Sing them a song of the pretty hedge sparrow, 

That loved her brown little ones, loved them full fain; 

Sing, "Heart, thou art wide, though the house be but narrow,"— 

Sing once, and sing it again. 

Heigh-ho! Daisies and buttercups, 

Sweet wagging cowslips, they bend and they bow; 

A ship sails afar over warm ocean waters, 

And haply one musing doth stand at her prow. 

O bonny brown sons, and O sweet little daughter, 

Maybe he thinks on you now! 

Heigh-ho! Daisies and buttercups, 

Fair yellow daffodils, stately and tall— 

A sunshiny world full of laughter and leisure, 

And fresh hearts unconscious of sorrow and thrall! 

Send down on their pleasure smiles passing its measure, 

God that is over us all! 

Jean Ingelone