LEARN to wait,-- life's hardest lesson, 

 Conned, perchance through blinding tears,

While the heart-throbs sadly echo 

To the tread of passing years.

Learn to wait hope's slow fruition;

Faint not, though the way seem long; 

There is joy in each condition,

Hearts though suffering may grow strong.

Constant sunshine, however welcome, 

Ne'er would ripen fruit or flower;

Giant oaks owe half their greatness 

To the scathing tempest's power.

Thus the soul untouched by sorrow,

Aims not at a higher state; 

Joy seeks not a brighter morrow 

Only sad hearts learn to wait.

Human strength and human greatness 

Spring not from life's sunny side;

Heroes must be more than driftwood, 

Floating down a waveless tide.