Strong In Him

"I am strong in Him," said a lovely child,

With a feeble voice and a visage mild,

Tho' on his brow was the seal of death,

And he soon must yield his vital breath.

"I am strong in Him." On a couch of pain,

For many years had the sufferer lain;

But never repined, tho' deprived of his rest;

For the will of his Father he thought was best.

“I am strong in Him." In a lowly cot,

Where Poverty reigned, to dwell was his lot,

Where nought of earthly happiness flowed,

But a mother's love on her son bestowed.

"I am strong in Him," said the dying boy,

As his eye lit up with heavenly joy;

For he leaned on one who is mighty to save,

And could carry him safe thro' the gloom of the grave. 

Annie E. Smith.