'TIS Easter morn! No more the world

Lies hushed in silent gloom;

No more the sepulchre's dread walls

The living Lord entomb;

Rejoice! The stone is rolled away;

The Lord is risen—'t is Easter day!

O lilies! Ope your fairest buds

To greet this gracious morn;

And roses, in your crimson hearts

Be sweetest odors born,

To rise and float upon the air,

Like sighs that saints have breathed in prayer.

O sorrowing soul! That long hast kept

Thy weary watch with sin,

Throw wide thy darkened doors today,

And let the sunshine in;—

Be sad no more; lift up thine eye!

The Lord is risen; he reigns on high!

The Lord is risen! O earth, rejoice!

Thy myriad voices raise,

Till heaven's blue arches ring again

With songs of solemn praise;

And far resounds the exultant cry,

"The Lord is risen; He reigns on high!"



Christian at Work.