Suffer Them To Come

“Come unto me.” The Saviour said;

O little children come

Upon His bosom lay your head

Find in His heart a home

He loves you ,truly, tenderly

And therefore says, “Come unto me.”

“Permit them” so the Saviour said

To those who sternly frowned

He loved to hear the gentle tread

Of infant feet around

And spread His arms to take them in

To fold and shield from every sin

“Forbid them not,” again He said

“The world is drear and chill

I only can their spirit feed

And guard from mortal ill;

Here let them lie in peaceful rest

By woe or guilt no more distressed”

O Jesus! Ever blessed Lord!

We come, we come to Thee!

At Thy inviting welcome, Word

From all besides we flee

Beneath Thy sheltering wings we hide

There may we evermore abide