AMONG my tender vines I spy 

  A little fox named--By-and-By.

Then set upon him, quick, I say, 

The swift, young hunter--Right-away.

Around each tender vine I plant 

I find the little fox--I can’t.

Then fast as ever hunter ran

Chase him with bold and brave--I can!

No use in trying--lags and whines 

This fox among my tender vines.

Then drive him low and drive him high, 

With this good hunter named--I’ll try.

Among the vines in my small lot, 

Creeps in the young fox--I forgot.

Then hunt him out and to his den 

With--I will not forget again!

One little fox that, hidden there, 

Among my vines is--I don't care!

Then let--I’m sorry--hunter true 

Chase him afar from vines and you.