What would I do if I were you? 

First thing I'd make a rule 

To put my hat and boots in place 

When I came home from school.

What would I do if I were you?

I wouldn't pout and cry 

Because I couldn't have my way

About a piece of pie.

What would I do if I were you?

I'd speak a pleasant word 

To this and that one in the house,

And not be sour as curd.

And when a body asked my help,

I'd try to do a favor, 

So that it should not always have,

A disobliging flavor.

If I were you, my little friend,

I'd try to be so good, 

That my example, all around

Might follow if they would.

I'd go to Jesus now, and give

To him my naughty heart; 

Ask him to make it new and pure,

And his own love impart.

Then 'twill be easy to obey

His law and parents' rule; 

And you'll be happy, too, as good,

At home, or play, or school.

Child's Own Magazine.