IN this world of earnest labor,

There is work enough for all; 

Work to suit all kinds and classes,

Great and mighty, weak and small.

Do not sit and idly mutter,

That you have no work to do, 

Up and find a field of labor;

There is room enough for you.

Do not wait for something lofty, 

Something grand, or something high,

Do some work, however bumble, 

Only do it earnestly.

One kind word may help a brother

Almost wearied of this life; 

One kind look may give him courage

Boldly to renew the strife.

If you meet with one in trouble, 

Sore oppressed, by grief cast down,

Do not pass him by unheeded, 

With a cold and scornful frown.

Help the feeblest or the weakest,

All who need your sympathy; 

You will cheer them by your kindness,

If you help them tenderly.

Work is plenty, if you wish it,

You may find it everywhere: 

But, for strength to do it rightly,

Ought to be your daily prayer.

Golden Censer.